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The purpose of this site is to facilitate researchers in the use of the Snowmass21 Connect service in support of the Snowmass2021 effort. As a user you have access to the following services:

  • A gateway to the Open Science Grid. You can submit jobs to the OSG in order to run and scale computational workflows across the nationally distributed High ThroughPut Computing resource.
  • Access to storage. You can stage input files and collect output from your jobs.
  • An environment for the development of OSG appropriate workflows.
  • Access to installed software and the means to make them available on the grid.
  • A local computing platform for non-grid interactive jobs to either test code or analyse data.

Access the Connect node

This section provides information on:

  1. How to obtain an account
  2. How to login to the resource
  3. How to manage that account

Job Submissions

This section provides an introduction on how to submit jobs to the OSG from the Snowmass21 Connect node. Addittional software-specific examples are included in the software section.

Data Management on Connect node

This section provides information on:

  1. Storage locations
  2. Transfering files
  3. Data on the grid

Access to Software

This section provides information on how to access software on the Snowmass21 Connect node. It includes information on the OSG module environment and a guidance on running installed software in support of the the Snowmass21 effort - organized between local jobs on the node and jobs on the grid where available.

Support and Consultation

The Snowmass21 Connect service is supported by the University of Chicago and the Open Science Grid. To report issues with the service or to request a consultation on submitting and running jobs on the OpenScienceG Grid please submit a ticket to Additional support is available in the #snowmass-connect channel at

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