Computing and Analytics for Frontier Science

We build advanced cyberinfrastructure supporting the largest scientific instruments probing the most fundumental questions of nature.


We take our frivolous name from the first computer built at the University by Nicholas Metropolis (BSc 1937 and PhD 1941), who extended the designs of early computers he built at Los Alamos after the war. The MANIAC III (Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Computer Model III) was a second-generation computer (replacing vacuum tubes with solid state components), constructed in 1961 in the Institute for Computer Research at the University of Chicago.

Accelerating Collaborative Science

The MANIAC Lab supports multi-institution scientific collaborations through innovation of intelligent data delivery services, scalable analysis systems, machine learning platforms, data analytics and high throughput computation.

Collaborating with the MANIAC Lab

We work with researchers and scientific collaborations at every scale and at any institution.

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